Blue Lake Oral Surgery is the proud title sponsor for Sorella Forte Cycling Club. The mission of Sorella Forte is to enrich physical and mental well-being and promote women’s health, fitness, and community through recreational and competitive cycling. Dr. Smith first started riding with Sorella Forte in 2010, when she finally learned how to ride a bike! The encouragement and support she received as a novice cyclist was amazing and she now actively supports others who are new to cycling. You can catch her racing bikes with Sorella Forte, especially during fall cyclocross season!  Learn more about Sorella Forte:

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Dr. Smith is proud to give back to the cycling community by volunteering as a member of the Board of Directors of Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA). OBRA advances the sport of bicycle racing by providing leadership, facilitating competition, and inspiring participation. As a member of the Board of Directors, she is part of the framework that supports bicycle racing primarily in Oregon, but also southwest Washington and parts of northern California. Dr. Smith’s vision is to help others, who, like herself, were unfamiliar with bicycle racing, become a part of the racing community. Learn more about OBRA:

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